How I work :

I was described by some of my  teachers as  truly gifted,  emphatic  and deeply intuitive which I think is very important when working in this field. And this work truly fulfills me on a soul level.

It is very important for me to create a very relaxing environment and intimate , trusting relationship with a client . It is of utmost importance  to me that the client  feels comfortable with me guiding them to  explore their subconscious  beliefs and confide in our mutual collaboration in finding  solutions.

My approach to hypnotherapy is that it  is a form of therapy.   I take a systematic approach ,  seeing the problem from different angles and also while working with  the client finding  the root cause of the problem that causes all the different symptoms in the client's life.

The therapy methods I  integrate  are Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Systemic Desensitization, Gestalt, Parts or Parts Therapy (IFS), ACT and other therapeutic methods.

I am also constantly updating myself with the newest psychology knowledge in  codependency, healing from narcissistic abuse, trauma healing and often incorporate works of  inner child and family system approach in a hypno session.


 How many sessions?  


It depends on the issue and what the client wants to achieve. I had some clients who only needed a couple of sessions, and with others, for more complex issues we had multiple sessions.

We  begin  with weekly sessions first and then depending on the progress we can do once or twice per month if needed.

Usually, even after one session, people feel some changes and it makes them feel better. I love that it is a solution-based therapy so after each session, it is designed for a client to start feeling better.

On average for a simple issue, you may need 3 to 6 sessions, for a more complex one like weight loss or addictions it might take up to 12 as our end goal is  to achieve  long-lasting results. However, there's no compulsory package sessions, I let the clients choose how many sessions they want or feel in need of.



About me 

Helping people to overcome their personal challenges, discover their full potential and help to reach their goals, achieve more well-being and lead happier, more fulfilling lives has always been my passion. I was doing it intuitively even at a young age and after a few decades of interest and study of general psychology and formal training in hypnotherapy, I created my own practice of hypno healing.

I studied hypnotherapy with some of the most prominent experts in the field and I am now  a qualified clinical  hypnotherapist with certificates in hypnotherapy from Marisa Peer (UK), a unique (Rapid transformational therapy, which combines the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and neuroscience ).

And also certified by Grace Method Hypnotherapy Certification School , world-class , which is endorsed by IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists) .

I am certified in spiritual hypnosis by world renowned author and hypnotherapist Roy Hunter  and also  ACT therapy (by London  College  of Clinical Hypnotherapy International) which is very beneficial for people with anxiety, depression and  OCD.

 When I work I apply one of the two methods or combine both when it is needed. With the help of these techniques, we can break habitual patterns and with consistency and dedication even change our programming  and  outdated beliefs that are stopping us from leading a more fulfilling life.

So many things and suffering in our lives come from damaging beliefs that we are not good enough, not worthy, don't deserve to have something or not belonging  .. and often unconsciously continue playing out the roles and beliefs that were created for us in our families of origin, environment, or even imposed by ourselves, for the rest of our lives. 







My goal in my work is to help people feel more in control of their life, to empower their minds, to give them the tools and help needed to start consciously crafting their lives, to increase healthy self-love and self-compassion, and become the version of themselves they want to be.

 It is very sad to see a person in their 40s or even later in life who feel they haven't fully lived the life they wanted due to personal challenges or haven't fully realized their potential... or battling addictions and low self-esteem. 

Among other reasons why I chose this particular healing modality,  one of them is due to me witnessing in my childhood some of the members of my family suffering from addictions, which was a direct result of their unresolved childhood trauma. 

I feel truly dedicated to helping people with traumas, depression, or people who didn't receive healthy love in their childhood and feel how it is negatively affecting their adult lives in the present. As my teachers used to say, the goal of hypnotherapy is to help to reduce needless suffering. When we understand how our negative beliefs about ourselves residing on the subconscious level control our lives, we can start making changes. The good news is that you can start your personal transformation at any age,  experience more freedom and start living a more fulfilling life.

Why hypnotherapy?

I believe all forms of therapy are helpful and can enhance and even change a person's life, but when I had to choose which therapy modality to work in  I had not a single doubt in my mind, as in my opinion hypnotherapy is the most powerful, fascinating, rapid and non invasive modality we have at the moment.

As some scientific studies have shown 6 sessions of hypnotherapy showed an improvement of 93% in comparison to a more traditional therapy which came to 38% after 600 sessions.

Even while still studying I saw how powerful hypnotherapy was. Also, there are cases in hypnotherapy where it was the only therapy that worked when everything else has failed. 

In hypnotherapy, we work on a subconscious mind level, which is very deep and goes directly to the place where the changes need to be made. Lifetime conditioning and programming reside in the subconscious, not a conscious mind, therefore sometimes people feel stuck even after reading a great number of self-help books because in this way you are educating only your reasoning, and critical conscious mind but not the subconscious which is far more powerful. 

Whether a client is coming with  a depression, substance use issue, relationship issues , unhelpful habits, you name it, in all of these patterns anxiety becomes a core issue that makes the symptoms worse. During the hypnosis we enter the theta brain wave state which is in itself very relaxing and soothing to our nervous system . During the hypnosis we override the flight, fight or freeze mode and our stress levels go significantly lower , and then the healing can take place and our anxiety levels go down. We get a surplus energy needed to create new neuropathways in the brain and hypnotherapy is the best in doing this as it is always based in relaxation.










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