fears and phobias 

bad habits


finding your passion

mental clarity

success/ abundance blockages

increase motivation, success, goal setting, 

unlocking true potential

overcoming perfectionism

releasing fear of failure 

releasing toxic shame/guilt

increase creativity 

increase courage 

forgive and heal

self love and acceptance 




pain relief



social anxiety

childhood trauma

overcoming jealousy 

upgrading inner child 

inner child healing

unconscious habits

( nail biting, hair pulling) 

increase abundance


healing unresolved trauma

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy ?


Hypnotherapy is very multifaceted and absolutely everybody can benefit from the session.  Hypnosis sometimes comes to the rescue where other treatment methods do not  work. This is because hypnosis works on both the conscious and subconscious mind  and i t can be  applied to a wide variety of symptoms and disorders. 

However it is important to note that the best results are achieved  when a client is  motivated to change. Hypnosis is most effective when both  the therapist and client work together to achieve the client's desired goal or outcome

Through the years I worked with the clients with wide variety of issues.  I have been working  with people on very serious issues with deep seated traumas ( unresolved childhood traumas,  addictions , sexual abuse, codependency ) ,  other clients wanted to reduce anxiety, to build more confidence and self esteem  to get rid of bad habits or simply wanted to break  the feeling of being stuck, procrastination, lack of motivation  and not being able to move forward in life . I also worked with people who simply come once a month for a  whole system boost ,  mental clarity , emotional balancing , more motivation and simply  deep relaxation.  No matter the issue, hypnotherapy works on physical, emotional , mental and even spiritual level.

If you have been diagnosed with psychosis or Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), hypnotherapy is not recommended.

Some examples  of issues that hypnotherapy can help with :


Money blockage

Weight management

Feeling not enough

Lack of self love

Emotional eating

Confidence issues

Stress and Anxiety


Sexual trauma



Lack of motivation


Boost immune system 

Public speaking 












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