Sessions with me 


First, you have to choose to change; then I will be guiding you through healing and  transformation  and  will be helping you to achieve your goal!

What happens during the session ?


Before  the  first session   I will send a  few intake questions for you to generally describe the issue you would like to work on.  

During the first session we will discuss your issues and  goals , how you would like your life to transform  and then we will proceed with the session that is tailored directly to your specific needs .

At first I   will  gently guide you through a very relaxing induction  into hypnosis relaxing both  body and mind. 

While  in the state of hypnosis ( most people describe it a very pleasant , relaxed state ( in which you have  total control  ) depending on the issue  we  will be identifying  the root source of your challenges , reaching memories that tell us  of  when, how and where your current  perceptions and beliefs were formed and then  using different techniques and tools we will  recondition your subconscious mind for positive outcome . Most people wake up from a trance feeling very positive and rested.


 Commitment  to  the tasks  between the sessions.  

Hypnotherapy is a  mutual collaboration between the client and the therapist. In between the sessions I might give you some tools to practice,  self hypnosis or a recorded tape. It is very important to do the tasks between the sessions to achieve the desired outcome.


Do zoom / skype sessions really work? 


Yes! Because  when you're in  the privacy and comfort of your own home  you  can fully relax ,  you may go even deeper into hypnosis  than if you had to travel to an office.  Also  the stress of travelling after the session may  diminish some of the effects of the session. Having a session online you can sit or  lie down comfortably on a couch or bed, wearing headphones if possible.  Majority of hypnotherapy sessions and traditional therapy sessions moved online in the last several years  which saves the travelling and works just as effectively. 

I also work together with clients who prefer a session in person from my base in London.


How many sessions do I need ?
12 sessions are recommended for lasting transformation.
It was found that with at least 12 sessions we can access and resolve the root of an issue, which transforms the client's life  on  many  levels.
Just like personal training, we  can't expect a full body transformation after one workout session.
However  I worked with clients who felt they achieved their goal  even after only  3 sessions . There is no commitment how many sessions you want to have but I do  recommend at least 3  for more simple issues and at least 6  for more complex.

A Survey of Psychotherapy Literature by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD. ( American Health Magazine ), mentioned  the following recovery rates:

Psychoanalysis: 38% improvement  after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy: 72% improvement after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy: 93% improvement after 6 sessions


At the beginning  I recommend  therapy sessions once a week, for 3-4 weeks in a row . After that  2 times a month  if it is appropriate for your situation.  After three consecutive weekly sessions, and depending on the improvements in your health and how you feel about it, you may decide to  come to the sessions more or less frequently.   As  your well-being improves, it is up to  you to decide how often to attend therapy sessions. 

Of course, some issues require more sessions than others,  weight loss being one of them.  12+ sessions may be used for the various factors affecting the client and their need to lose weight.
How much does it cost ?
I charge a standard psychotherapy session fee of
90 pounds per hour.



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