Testimonials :

" My time with Georgia has been a masterful experience. from the onset , Georgia explained to me that in order to pursue my wish , permanent weight loss, I had to understand where it came from, so we decided that minimum of  12 sessions would be best . 

I now understand that often weight gain is often due to unresolved trauma, which often manifests through lack of self-love. With a background in social work and psychology, all this made sense to me, and somehow, I was still stuck. I thought I had resolved and moved on from my childhood trauma of neglect and physical and sexual abuse. And boy I was wrong…. As throughout this past year I have been able to reach a different level of healing, I finally realised I was in control of myself and that I matter the most. I learnt to love myself and love myself truly; that includes being kind to myself and also reflecting deeply on my own emotions, feelings, behaviours and choices. I now find that I can easily tap into my own self, my soul….. and make decisions from that stance, which means healthier habits, healthier meals, less alcohol. I truly feel I reached a deeper level of happiness and joys and I experience this daily now. I now trust that I can be in a loving relationship and can have anything I want. I feel I deserve it all. I am enough.

Working with Georgia has been amazing. I felt I could open up about my deepest wounds and worries, and self-judgements and limiting beliefs. Georgia has always showed compassion and understanding, and amazing knowledge. I particular like the ways Georgia combines psychology and hypnosis with spiritually. The sessions in itself are meaningful and deep; I often reach deep levels of relaxation, a meditative state, from where I often process my own trauma and hurts, and also, I get to create my new exciting reality. I find that the healing achieved during the sessions, gets further reinforced by the recordings Georgia tailors specific for me and whatever came up during the session. 

I am so happy I have chosen Georgia to support me through this journey and my healing; I can say I have started to lose weight and I definitely have more fulfilling daily habits. And most importantly I feel healed from my childhood trauma, from my own doubts and fears. I now love myself and I can envisage a life full of magic and wonderful things. 

I can soulfully say that Georgia has provided me the key to my own happiness and fulfilment. A truly magical experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  " ❤💫😘🤗 .

Nicoleta, UK


"I wanted to share my experience, because before I came  to the session with Georgia , I really had serious  problems that have been accumulating for the last 15 years. My biggest problem was that I was  not able to cope with  difficulties in life and was trying to escape  my problems with  alcohol. 

I had a feeling as if  I was falling into the dark  abyss deeper and deeper until I knew I reached the bottom. I was trying to stop drinking in all ways possible, available to me- psychotherapy,  alcohol services advise, medication- nothing seemed to work. However I did accept that I desperately needed help , I knew I could not come out of it myself. Then I came across Georgia's wellness space  therapy  and was extremely surprised that even after the first session I felt so much better and did not have a compulsion to drink. However Georgia did warned me that it is a complex  problem and its not yet time for relaxing.  I was listening to the recording Georgia made for my specific needs , I had to be very dilligent with the recording  and dedication to work with myself every day  as Georgia told me subconscious is affected by repetition  I listened to my audio daily. However the path Georgia put me on that day took me out from deep desperation and horrible feelings I used to feel. I felt more and  more lighter and better and freer from alcohol after each session.  I could feel very deep  emotional release during the sessions and even crying which was surprising for me.  I felt totally at ease to share  with her the thoughts and emotions that were bothering me. I could literally feel my mind being rewired and reconditioned for healthy choices  and different ways of coping with my problems during the session. It has not been totally easy , it requires lots of wanting to succeed , patience and persistance, however I am now feeling deeply changed and healed on many levels and  have not been drinking for a very long time. The change has been real and very powerful and  I feel as though a weight has been lifted and  I literally got my life back .I am deeply grateful to Georgia . "

John , London


"I have been in different forms of therapy for the majority of my life due to my childhood traumas . And even though  therapy was keeping me  more balanced and stronger I was still  suffering from clinical depression  and often felt helpless and a victim of my life circumstances. When I came to the first session with Georgia I felt very welcomed . while I was telling her about my problems I felt truly seen, heard and understood. I felt deep authentic care and no judgement or any kind of pressure. Even after the first session with Georgia I felt I understood and learned so many things about myself that I haven't experienced while being years in other therapies. Georgia seems to  be very knowledgeble  also in narcissistic abuse and codependency.  with the help of Georgia's techniques she used we went through several traumas I experienced in the past and at the end of each session I got completely different perspective and Feeling about what happened to me, I felt stronger and empowered and not a victim of my circumstances any more. With Georgia's help I realised I was taking on a role that was  imposed on me by my family, which was not authentic me and it was making me very unhappy. I worked with Georgia once a month  for a year on different aspects , also strenghtening my reconnection with my authentic, non codependent self. Georgia  asked how I was doing and talked me through any issues I had even weeks after my session. and I can say that now I feel I have grown as a person, become more confident and I believe in myself so much more confident, happier and feeling I can deal with anything that comes along ..I feel like as Georgia says I am in the driver's seat of my life  now , instead of feeling always  helpless and victimised. I always feel I can come to Georgia if I ever fall off the track in the future  to feel like my best self again . Thank you so much Georgia !"  ❤️❤️❤️

Anna, UK


"I came to the session with Georgia out of curiosity and also what I thought just feeling low in energy , low motivation and procrastination. I do a lot of meditations and hypnosis was something that I was familiar with . However I got very surprised at the depth of relaxation,  clarity and alertness I went into. Georgia has a way about her when putting you into this very relaxed but alert state. During the session I unexpectedly travelled into my childhood event or a certain feeling that I used to feel and was not consciously aware of in my adult life.  I had a deep remembering and realization that I was often left alone in my room as a small child and had these feelings of loneliness and abandoment. I realised in that session that this same feeling is often with me now in my present life, a feeling of not being worthy or belonging. Georgia was guiding me  in different ways and used an inner child upgrading technique while in the session making my inner child feel safe, wanted and connected. After the session , a few months later I noticed how much it impacted my life in general. Different areas of my life, I just feel happier, more energetic, more optimistic and more at ease when socialising.  It got  me back to feeling my best-self again.

I would highly recommend Georgia to my family, friends and anyone who might be suffering. "

Julia , UK 


"I had  several sessions with Georgia  to deal with trauma of sexual abuse , which happened  to me when I was  4 years old.  At the beginning I was not sure if I want to do it , but Georgia has a very soothing, calming way about her and she also put me into  a mild very relaxing  trance and through out the whole session I felt completely at ease to deal with what happened. As Georgia explained to me that as children we are not able to process this kind of trauma  and we assign a certain meaning  to the event only what  a child can comprehend at their age.  Even as an adult woman I felt very helpless about this situation , so with Georgia's techniques  I managed to process  the feelings and those events from an empowered adult's perspective and I had a chance during the session to resolve a lot of issues regarding this situation.  I have a clarity now of what happened and had an opportunity to face those events in a very safe environment. I feel so much better now in general. One of the symptoms I had is that I couldn't relax during intimate moments with my partner ( because of my trauma) , and now this problem is gone . I reconnected compassionately with the little me who was abused and  at the same time evoked  adult, strong, independent , free woman who deserves to feel freedom and pleasure too.  It was a very transformative experience and Georgia helped me in ways that no traditional therapy could before."

Alina , UK


" I  came to Georgia with several  problems.  I was a foreigner in the country and was struggling financially and feeling low confidence and vulnerable . I was doing a very hard job I was not happy with and for a few  years in a row I couldn't get another job.  After the session  I felt a surge of  positive energy ,  clarity, joy, hope  and more strenght  to deal with life. It was almost a miracle as a week after the session I got invited to the job interview and got the new  job !  After a few months  I started noticing that my relationship changed for the better and overall  my life enhanced in different ways.  I always recommend Georgia to all my friends and family members who  are struggling and need help  with something. "

Paul, Brighton


"I suffered from one very big issue in my life.  I had a problem of opening  and reading my emails when they arrived. Every time an email came my heart would start racing , i would get extreme anxiety 

almost a panic attack. I could not explain it, as it seemed completely irrational  and once eventually I would force myself to open it nothing bad would happen of course. It was creating lots of problems both in my personal and professional life as I would be late in responding them.  during the zoom session with Georgia  we talked a bit about this  problem  and I  thought it was just an unexplained anxiety surrounding emails. During the session something very unexpected came up. I remembered where this feeling of panic originated from.  My heart was racing then and I was panicking . It was my unresolved trauma that was playing out in my current life in the most unexpected ways. With the help  of the technique Georgia used  I remember those events now just as something that happened to me in the past and I am not in the immediate danger.  I  feel fine opening my emails now and the level of stress and anxiety in my life also diminished I noticed. I realised how powerful traumatic events in our life are and how important it is to heal. Thank you so much Georgia for this amazing transformation "

Nadia , USA

"I  had a session with Georgia about my  self esteem problem . We dug deep into many things and many problems that  were  the symptoms of that one core  issue I had . Its hard to put into words what I felt during the process, it was very deep , a lot of layers to the session,  and at one point I came into deep realization and  understanding  where my problem was coming from and I felt a deep relief and started crying , which was strange to me as I am the person who  keeps everything in and never cries  . Hypnotherapy was  very powerful for me , but it is also important to understand that during the session you are doing  a massive inner work  and follow the instructions what a hypnotherapist tell you to imagine.. right after the session I felt much lighter . I feel as if I have changed  during the session  and those problems  I had  don't define me anymore.  Truly powerful, transformative experience and I would recommend it to anyone."
Angelica , UK
"I was having a session with Georgia initially  on the codependency issues  when during the session I actually vividly remembered the scene of sexual abuse in my teenage years, I somehow burried  away for decades  ( which now I understand it was simply a trauma response ) . I  didn't forget about it, but acted as if it was irrelevant and almost did not happen to me. I was too ashamed to analise it. During the session I realised  that it  has never been my "fault" , and with Georgia skillfully guiding me along and using the techniques she uses  I released all the deeply seated shame  and guilt  I was carrying along  for years on a subconscious level.  After the session I felt very at peace with the situation and my life changed truly for the better.  I finally started to love my body again ,  I started to respect and love myself and feel much  more confident than before. I can honestly say it was life changing for me . And I also love how empathetic Georgia was during our session, I literally felt her compassionate energy yet also lots of strenght in guiding me through transformation. I feel very  happy that Georgia was recommended to me  because I always felt I could trust her completely and she truly possess  incredible skills. With all my heart I would recommend her 100 % ".
Sarah , UK
Having worked with Georgia for a year now on both personal and professional challenges I can say that it has taken me to a   whole  new level. I increased my peace and happiness in many areas of my life . Working with Georgia I resolved many of my childhood wounds.  Georgia has incredible intuition and she was guiding me into places in my subconcious  I never imagined possible. I am mostly grateful that she helped me to reconnect with my authentic self  ..
John , UK



















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